Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector

This foundation is not exactly brand new to Benefit’s complexion collection any more, but it’s new to me and has been on my list of Things-I-Need-To-Get-My-Hands-On for some time. Now I finally own it I feel a review is due, even if I am late to the party.

SAM_0025 edit

Let’s start with the packaging. Being Benefit it is, of course, adorable. Sticking to the oh-so-Benefit theme of old-timey America with circus style lettering and the pretty silver scalloped edge cap; it’s first impressions are enough to make you want to buy it.

SAM_0026     SAM_0025

It is just as well that the product inside is as wonderful as I had hoped. I bought shade number 6 – deep beige, the darkest colour that Benefit make for this formula. When I first swatched it on my hand I was worried that the product would be a little too dark and rosy for my cooler complexion; a surprise, as I have heard from a number of other reviewers that they felt that Benefit should have expanded the colour range for darker skins (which of course I agree with). Limited though the range may be, it does cater well to the pastiest of faces.

SAM_0027    SAM_0028

Despite my initial caution about the depth of colour, once I started applying the product to my face with my fingers, I thought “Oh god, this is far too pale!” Yet, I continued on using a stippling brush (Real Techniques, of course) and found that once I had covered my entire face the colour just seemed to right itself, and was suddenly perfect *insert dancing lady emoji here*.

Here’s what Benefit claim about Big Easy:




My naked face, pre-Big Easy. Dotted with spots, redness and both dry and oily skin.


This is my slightly less naked face with just Big Easy – no concealer, brows or anything (you lucky lot).

I am quite impressed with the overall look of the product when on my face. If you compare the two pictures of my lovely face above, you should be able to see that Big Easy definitely covered my redness and went some way at concealing spots, even though it’s actually not very heavy coverage. I’m also a fan of the liquid-to-powder finish, which I didn’t think I would be, and I am even more impressed that Benefit managed to achieve such a finish in a product with SPF35. In terms of the finish of this foundation, I have to say straight up that this is probably not for you if you have mega-dry skin. You would need to apply a rich moisturiser beforehand if you were to use Big Easy. If you are an oily-faced so and so like me, however, you will most likely love this as much as I do.

As I’m writing this post, I have been wearing this foundation for over 6 hours. Not only do I have no visible oily areas (which I would most definitely have at this point in the day with any other foundation), but my face looks freshly-but-lightly powdered, as if I have only just applied my make up.


Late morning, when I first applied Big Easy (and spared your eyes by doing my eyebrows and putting on a bit of concealer and blush).


5:30 this evening – no touch-ups at any point in the day (or on Photoshop).


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