Halloween Look Ideas

Abnormally for my British heritage, I’m a big lover of Halloween; more so for the costumes and crazy make up than for the scariness or all the sweets (if you’re still a ‘Trick-or-Treat’er). I am definitely one to really make an effort when it comes to any kind of fancy dress, not just Halloween, so here are a few costume and make up ideas of mine (both past and present) for those of you who may be struggling for last minute inspiration. I apologise for the quality of most of my older photos – they were all taken at parties under poor lighting. I hope you get a rough idea of what I was going for!

Halloween (3)     Halloween (6)

This particular year, I was going for ‘creepy doll’, and on George I attempted Terminator make up (complete with one red contact lens). Every time I look back at these pictures I think how much better I could have made this look; although, in my defence, we were a bit late getting ready for this party (because I spent too long on my eyes) so George’s make up is a bit rushed, particularly with the fake blood around the edges. Here’s a (slightly) better shot of my face from that night:

Halloween (5)

Not expertly executed, in my opinion, but very easy to recreate. All you really need is a couple of pairs of lashes, a white eyeliner and a mad amount of blush (and freckles help too, we like the freckles). For Mr. Terminator all I used was cheap silver body paint, available from any party shop and a black eyeliner blended in the right places for the detail. And fake blood, but I found that a little hard to work with, so you may be better off using red paint or even lipstick. The one red contact lens completes this look for me.

Halloween (4)     Halloween (1)

Another favourite look of mine from Halloween’s past was my ‘Dark Angel’ look (above), which consisted of black eye make up with lashes, a good pair of fangs (not the kind that make you dribble when you talk) and some black feather angel wings. This is probably the easiest and most simple look that I’ve done that got the most compliments. I was wearing two individual fangs that were the kind that you have to mould to your own teeth using a paste. They were about £10 on eBay, reusuable, and other people at the party kept asking me how the hell I did them, because they looked so realistic.

If you’re not so much into the costume make up, a mask can be just as effective:

10001558_10203260614545703_1172831161_n     Halloween (7)

The photo on the left was actually taken at a masquerade party, but the look could easily be pulled off for Halloween. On the right is possibly my favourite Halloween look; last year’s Catwoman. I regret not getting any better pictures of this at the time. I bought a Batman mask on eBay and cut out the nose and made the eyes a little wider, and I wore nothing but leather, and I got so many compliments. I was really pleased with this look and will most likely whip it out again at some point.

Now I want to experiment with some new ideas.

SAM_0068 edit      SAM_0066 edit

This is really easy Halloween make up. All you need is to go all out with the eyeshadow and lipstick, but make it look messy. I smudged eyeliner down into the creases under my eyes and also (poorly) lined my lips with it over the top of my lipstick and blended it in a bit. I also contoured my cheeks with black eyeshadow, just to make me look a bit gross and dirty. If you want to, you could white out your face before the rest of the make up and add some fangs for a more ‘undead’ look.

SAM_0067 edit

A better look at the eyes. This look could benefit from some crazy long lashes.

If you want to put a little more effort into this Halloween (like I love to), why not try your hand at prosthetics? Below are my very first attempts at gore with liquid latex:

SAM_4328    SAM_4333

This technique is great for simple cuts etc. I used ‘latex skin’ – £2.50 from my local party shop – layered up and then ripped a little down the centre to create the shape and texture (you want to cover this with a foundation that matches your skin colour). I then used a couple of different lip products to fill it with blood. You can also use fake blood of course, but I thought it would look a little more realistic with different shades to create depth. Topshop’s Tint was perfect for the gooey blood texture.


Create as many scars as you want and add some dark lipstick, and… voila!

SAM_4348      SAM_4349

And last but not least is my most recent favourite Halloween look, and the one I shall be adopting this October 31st – my recreation of Pixiwoo’s Edie Sedgwick look. I love it not only for its obvious sixties vibe, but also for the fact that it’s incredibly simple to recreate. I recommend watching Sam’s tutorial (linked above).





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