Balm Balm Face Balm

This post started as this month’s monthly favourites, but I found that I had so many good things to say about my first product that it really amounted to a post of it’s own.


Some history – Balm Balm is a brand that makes balms, cleansers, oils, eau de parfums and more using all natural and organic ingredients, including products safe for mums-to-be and newborns. I recently came across their products while browsing and I recognised them from memories of the many lotions and potions I used to use on my eczema as a child. I used the Rose Geranium Hand Balm on my skin then, and the little pink pot lasted me absolutely ages.

Upon rediscovering the brand online, I bought a couple of products and I am really glad I bought the Fragrance Free Face Balm. This balm has a fairly thick texture that melts to a light oil when it comes into contact with your skin. It has been amazing at rehydrating my recently super dry (usually oily) skin. I have also tried out this product as a makeup remover/cleanser and it works beautifully! It successfully removes even eye makeup by rubbing the balm into an oil on your skin and then washing it off with a hot flannel. This leaves your skin so lovely and soft.

This face balm also comes in rose geranium and tea tree varieties, and there is a wide range of products from the brand for skin all over your body. I’d really recommend the brand to anyone wanting affordable organic skincare.


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