Mehron Celebré Pro HD Cream Foundation


shades: MD3 (left) and Eurasia Fair (right)


“Celebré PRO-HD Makeup Foundation is an oil-free and fragrance-free cream makeup that delivers satin-smooth, buildable coverage that is non-greasy and great for all skin types. From fashion runways and HD-TV to everyday wear, Celebré Pro-HD works for every occasion and on all skin types and colors.”

SAM_4561  SAM_4578

SAM_4563  SAM_4568

The Mehron Celebré Pro HD Cream Foundation is a product that I am so glad I found. I’m struggling to remember where I first heard about this miracle foundation because once I did, I looked at countless swatches and reviews on blogs and YouTube to find my shade. Essentially, this is as close to Photoshop in a pot as you’ll be able to find anywhere for under £10.

In the pictures above you can compare my bare face to my face after I have applied Celebré Pro HD in Eurasia Fair. I applied a fairly thin, even layer of the foundation using a stippling brush and then added a little more with my fingers in the places that needed a bit more concealing. Because of it’s cream formula this is a very versatile foundation. You can use as much or as little as you like, you can mix the colours to get your perfect match or mix with highlighters and primers to achieve the kind of look you want, or it can be used alone or as a concealer over other foundations.

This is a very buildable foundation; a thin coat will give you a fairly natural but perfected finish, but if you prefer a heavy coverage this is also very easy to achieve. This may not be suited to those of you who prefer the ‘no-makeup makeup’ look. Personally I wouldn’t wear this every day; more for special occasions/going out/days when my skin looks like crap. However, I have found this foundation does look flattering in pretty much any light and looks great in photos. I would recommend powdering after application if you are particularly oily or if you want to stop it transferring.

Celebré Pro HD is available in 20 shades, from very pale to very dark and including more yellow toned Eurasia shades, and can be bought individually or in palettes (very popular with professionals) from Amazon, Ebay and designated costume makeup companies. Unfortunately, in the UK this brand is pretty much only available online so I would recommend doing some research when it comes to choosing a shade. I watched a lot of demo/review videos and found swatches on other blogs. My first attempt at guessing my shade resulted in me buying MD3, which is far too dark for me this time of year, but will probably suit me better when I tan in the summer.

I would highly recommended this foundation to anyone looking for something that will make their skin look pretty much flawless, so this would be perfect for events like weddings, prom, or for those wanting to cover bad scars, etc. This foundation can cost anywhere from £8-£12 depending on who you buy from, so it is worth taking a look around for the best deal. Whatever you pay for it, it is an incredible product and because of its price, anyone can get their hands on this excellent professional product.



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