Bourjois Nude Sensation Blur Effect Foundation

I have for you today the latest foundation to be released by Bourjois: the new Nude Sensation Blur Effect Foundation. Although this is brand new to Superdrug and Boots, you may have known this foundation was on it’s way as it was released a few months ago exclusively to I actually got mine from ASOS (30% off flash beauty sale), in the darkest shade – 44 Sunny Nude, and I only paid £6.99, but it’s full retail price is £9.99.

Bourjois says:

“Bourjois Nude Sensation Blur Effect Foundation is an incredibly light mousse foundation with a silky texture that melts instantly into the skin leaving the complexion evened out and smooth. The foundation offers the feel of a feather-light texture, the comfort of bare skin and the incredible results of a smooth-effect foundation.”

SAM_4694  SAM_4696

I have to say, I’m not sure I would have bought this if it wasn’t 30% off at ASOS. I was curious about it, but given that I don’t have any fond memories of other mousse-like foundations (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, I’m thinking of you) I wasn’t sure I’d like it. It was only when I spotted it in Superdrug and swatched a little on my hand that I changed my mind. Not only was the darkest shade a seemingly good colour match, but it felt like I was applying silky velvet to the back of my hand. So then when I saw it on ASOS for only £6.99 I thought ‘why not?’

The first picture below is my lovely bare face and the second is one application of Nude Sensation.

SAM_4671  SAM_4682

Firstly, the colour is not perfect. It is ever so slightly too pale for my liking and a little teeny bit on the pink side, but once I applied a bit of concealer and put some colour on my cheeks it looked better. If you’re any darker than I am (which I plan to be soon) it probably won’t look right. And unfortunately, as is so often the case with low-end foundations, this is the darkest shade available 😦

Other than that, I am actually quite pleased with this product overall. Despite what I mentioned about the colour I really like the way my skin looks with this on. When I first applied it I wasn’t particularly impressed with the coverage; my skin tone was evened out but blemishes were still very visible, but once I had finished my makeup and looked at my face as a whole (rather than zeroing in on my skin) it looked natural but perfected – the ‘blur effect’ I think. As for the texture, it feels like silk and it is very light and comfortable to wear: like a BB cream but with a velvet finish (not quite matte) and a little more coverage, which in my eyes is a pretty perfect balance. And it stayed that way for I’d say a good 6-8 hours on a warm sunny day. On a day spent indoors it lasted longer. By the evening, any oiliness I had seemed to translate as just ‘glow’; I was looking quite fresh-faced and natural. Just how I like it.

SAM_4683  SAM_4693


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