May Favourites 2015

I’ve got some new favourites and some old favourites for you this month. Let’s kick things off with my favourite favourite of the month:

Eylure Brow Ink – £8.45


SAM_0037 (2)  SAM_0038

So this was a really pleasant surprise. It’s been a while since I’ve bought any new brow products because I love love love the NYX Eyebrow Gel and it has been all I’ve been using since I bought it, but I got curious about this new(ish) product from Eylure. It’s basically a double ended felt tip pen; one side with a fuller tip and the other with a fine tip. I have tried products like this before, like the GOSH Long Lasting Brow Pen, and I wanted to compare so I bought the darkest of the three available shades: Dark Brown.

SAM_0022  SAM_0028 (2)

The main reason I’ve fallen for this product so quickly is how natural my brows look when I use it (natural but still filled in where I need it). My eyebrows are very sparse towards the ‘tail’ end and require basically being drawn on in certain places, which can quite easily be overdone and look unnatural. I found this product surprisingly very easy to control how much you are applying, and with two  different sized tips you can control where the product goes so easily by using either end of the pen. I like to use the bigger end for filling larger gaps and the fine tip for drawing in hairs; this achieved the most natural look for me, and quickly. The shade match is also pretty perfect for me too, and I’ve noticed this product actually lasts really well even on my oily skin, unlike the GOSH brow pen which I have tried in the past, which looked great at first but by the end of the day would have faded. So I am extremely happy with this purchase and would recommend the product to anyone who, like me, finds pencils and powders just don’t look right on their brows.

Milani Baked Blush in Bellissimo Bronze – £6

SAM_0040 (2)

SAM_0042  SAM_0045

Ahh, the Milani Baked Blush… If you have never heard of these you must have been living under a rock. They have been compared to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes, which will cost you £28 each. These are considered by many to be the best blushers you can buy at high street prices – available even cheaper from Amazon, where I got mine in the shade Bellissimo Bronze. The reason they are so widely loved is the finish.  They are perfectly pigmented in colour and have just the right amount of shimmer so that it works as a two-in-one blush and highlight. And they come in such a beautiful range of colours. I’ve been loving Bellissimo Bronze recently because it warms my complexion up so that I look lovely and tanned and glowy, with a subtle sheen. Very very flattering on olive/darker skin tones.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Teal – £2.99

SAM_0047  SAM_0048


Another wonderfully affordable purchase. I’ve really enjoyed mixing up my makeup this month with this Collection felt tip liner in the shade Teal. Just something refreshingly different to using a black or dark brown. I actually bought this quite a while ago but never had the urge to use it until recently, and now I have I really love it. It’s not a bright neon blue, it’s deeper and more subtle, as you can see in the pictures below. And let me tell you, when it says 24 hour it means it; this stuff lasts.

SAM_0017  SAM_0020

E.l.f 50 Piece Makeup Artist Palette – £15

SAM_0052  SAM_0053 (2)

And finally, an old favourite. I recently reorganised my makeup drawer (again) and in the process found this old Elf palette stuffed in the back. I’ve since had it sat on my windowsill and I now remember why I loved this palette so much. For a modest £15 (I think I actually bought this in a 50% off Flash Sale, so an even more modest £7.50) you get 5 blushers, 5 bronzers and a sneaky 40 shades of eyeshadow hidden underneath. This is honestly one of my best makeup purchases; the value for money is insane and the quality of the product is really decent. You’ve got a wide selection of cheek colours to choose from and a variety of both very wearable and some quite bright eyeshadow shades. If you can get your hands on it still it is absolutely worth it.


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