Hair Routine

I use the word ‘routine’ very loosely here. For reference my hair is natural, shoulder-length, thick and very curly, and does not require a huge amount of effort to maintain (or at least I don’t bother to complicate things by implementing a strict haircare routine). I have never even really used heat on my hair, despite my childhood wish for long glossy straight hair like my mother’s. The few times I’ve bothered to spend the time having it straightened (not chemically) it was shortlived, and actually, it didn’t suit me. I am still trying to grow it (a very slow process when you have curls like mine) but I’ve only recently begun to really love my hair, as it’s only been over the past year or so that it has been closer in length and colour to what I’ve always wanted.

SAM_0354  SAM_0362

My hair is naturally a very dark brown but I have lightened it using the L’Oreal Sunkiss Jelly, which was a much cheaper way of very slightly lightening my hair instead of having it done professionally. I wanted to write this post as I’ve never really mentioned my favourite hair care products and, though there are not many of them, they are products that I really love using.


Firstly and probably most importantly is my hairbrush. I use a Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash as I brush my hair in the shower (it is way too curly to brush dry). I love it because it does a lot less damage to the hair than any of my previous ‘normal’ brushes, and the hollow shape of the brush means it does not collect water inside and go all icky and mouldy. I run a big glob of conditioner through my hair (I’m not too fussy about brands, as long as it’s quite nourishing) and go at it with the Teezer. Once I’ve rinsed this out, I gently squeeze as much of the water out as possible before I get out of the shower and then gently squeeze the tips of my hair in a towel, being careful not to rub it dry (this causes unwanted frizz). This is where the rest of the products come in.

These are my favourites for everyday use on my hair. I don’t use them all everyday, mostly just one or two; like I said, I don’t implement a strict haircare routine. I tend to just go by how my hair is ‘feeling’ that day. Usually my hair feels quite dry when there’s nothing in it, so generally I use something nourishing like one of the oils or the Aussie serum through the tips and use the Palmer’s coconut spray all over because it is great at reducing frizz and it makes my hair smell incredible. Honestly, once I had this in my hair and stood in the kitchen and my dad, who was in the living room, said “Why can I smell coconut?” Okay my house is small, but still, you get the idea. The Urban Therapy cream is great because I find that it’s equally as good, if not better, at maintaining perfect curls than other brands I’ve tried such as Frizz-Ease. And it’s so affordable (£1.99 I believe). In fact all but one of these products are very affordable, the Moroccan Oil Treatment being the exception (and which is, in my opinion, totally interchangeable with the more affordable OGX Argan Oil). And that’s the way I like my haircare to be. Since I’m pretty low-maintenance with my hair, I enjoy finding affordable hair products that really work. If you’re a curly girl, let me know of any other great bargain hair products you know and love.


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