Absolute New York – Fabulashes


Does anyone else feel as though they’re in an unending search for the perfect balance between quality and affordability when it comes to lashes? When I was kindly sent these new Absolute Fabulashes from Beauty Crowd (great site for affordable makeup) and tried them out I was truly impressed by the quality. Pictures below were taken on my first application with no eyeshadow or liner, just to show how fine the seams are on these lashes.

SAM_0383  SAM_0388

Mascara on top and bottom lashes.                   AEL25 lashes.

SAM_0393  SAM_0395

AEL20 lashes.                                                        AEL20 from the front.

Unfortunately these do not come with glue included so I used Eylure Lashfix, although you can purchase the Absolute lash glue separately on beautycrowd.com. I was also not too keen on the fact that the lashes were glued to the plastic inside the packaging. They did require having some of the glue picked off before I applied the lash glue. Otherwise, I really do like these lashes. At £3.95 each, you get a good variety of reusable, contact lens-friendly strip lashes made from human hair, all with invisible seams. Bearing in mind I am far from pro when it comes to applying lashes, I found these very easy to apply. These are also very comfortable; even the more dramatic AEL20’s were not too heavy or obtrusive. I think the AEL25’s are my favourite. They’re an extremely wearable length and quite natural looking; I would feel comfortable using them for everyday wear if I was so inclined. The AEL20’s, on the other hand, would look incredible with an Audrey Hepburn wing and lots of mascara on the bottom lashes; a much showier, ‘night out’ set of lashes.

Beautycrowd.com specialises in distributing a great selection of affordable makeup brands like Absolute and Milani Cosmetics. If you’re looking for some new low-end brands to try, have a browse of their wonderful site.

The products in this post are PR samples.


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