How To Clean Your Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is one of those things that I can put off for ages but then when I do it, I remember how much nicer it is to have clean brushes to use. Usually I don’t have a real reason for putting it off; it’s so easy, doesn’t take too much time (unless you have a huge amount of brushes), and it is so much more hygienic for your skin. Particularly if you’re suffering with bad spots, you should make as much of an effort to clean your brushes as you do your skin.

Here’s how I do it:

Brush Cleaning (3)

I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo because it’s cheap, it’s gentle and it’s effective. This 300ml bottle cost £1, and will probably last an age. I have tried other more expensive brush cleaners in the past, but I’ve not found any that work as well as Johnson’s does, and for this price. So why complicate things?

Firstly I lay out a towel or a couple of flannels to put the clean brushes on, then I rinse the first brush in warm water, making sure to only wet the brush hairs and not the ferrule, as if it gets soaked it can weaken the glue holding the hairs. You’ll probably notice that some product may wash off, but the brush will still look quite dirty. This is when I squeeze a tiny blob of the baby shampoo onto my hand.

Brush Cleaning (7)  Brush Cleaning (9)

With warm water on the brush, I use it to work the shampoo into a lather on the palm of my hand. You’ll notice that whatever product was previously caked on the brush is now washing away in the shampoo. I continue this until the shampoo washes away clean, rinse one last time, then move onto the next brush. Simple! You’re left with lovely clean, fresh smelling brushes, without spending a fortune. Just make sure to shake off any excess water and reshape the brushes before you lay them out to dry. If you can, lay them with the brush heads pointed downwards so the water doesn’t drip into the ferrules.

Brush Cleaning (2)


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