November Favourites 2015

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation in shade F300 – £12.50


If you’re an oily-skinned person and are looking for a new foundation for the winter, I would like to recommend EX1 Invisiwear to you; a buildable coverage, oil free foundation that doesn’t cost the earth. Likewise, if your skin has a yellow undertone and you struggle to find affordable foundations that look right on your skin, I would like to recommend that you look at the full range of EX1 Cosmetics which contains foundations, concealers, mineral powders and blushers; all aimed at Asian, Mediterranean, South American and other yellow/olive skintones.

I like this foundation because it’s oil free, so it doesn’t contribute to my skin’s own oiliness. This means it lasts better on my skin than oilier foundations do, as I have combination skin. This foundation has come back into my routine lately because I’m liking how buildable it is. One pump gives my face a lightweight coverage that evens the skin nicely, but it’s easy to add more in the places you need to get a really perfected finish.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Cherry Pop – £16 (Full size)


Now this is a lipstick. The most perfect lipstick formula you could possibly want, in my honest opinion. I got this sample size Clinique Pop lipstick in this month’s Glamour magazine and fell in love with it instantly when I first tried it on. It glides on like butter with solid colour in one swipe, giving you a bold, satin finish (not quite matte). I didn’t even bother with lip balm first because I was so excited to try it, and it honestly didn’t matter because this lipstick is moisturising enough. I first wore it out for drinks and it hardly needed any touching up during the night. More of these lipsticks are going on my Christmas list!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour (Dark) – £13.50

Miracle product right here. Lucky me, I found this Stila brow pen in TKMaxx going for £3.99 (!!!) and it was the last one and just happened to be my colour! It was meant to be, I had to buy it. And I am seriously glad I did. This product gives you eyebrows on another level. The tip is made of super fine brush hairs which make it really easy to fill gaps and draw in little hairs where you need them. And because it’s so fine, the result can look as natural or as full as you want. And once it’s on, it doesn’t come off until you want it to. I use this paired with my L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper and my eyebrows don’t fade in the slightest, even if get sweaty or rained on. Stila weren’t lying when they named this product Stay All Day Waterproof.

Microfibre towel – £1


Now for a super budget-buy. I found this microfibre hair towel in a pound shop and thought ‘Why not?’ I’ve read that using a microfibre towel on your hair instead of a normal one can reduce frizz caused by towel-drying. I have to say, I’ve honestly noticed a difference. My hair doesn’t get caught on this towel like it can do with my normal one, and it definitely causes much less frizz. Such a simple, cheap solution to a common problem. I use this after washing and brushing my hair and follow it with a hair oil or serum to keep my curls looking like curls, not frizz.


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