My All-Time Favourite Brow Products

When I get up for work 20 minutes late or I take too long in the shower, I sacrifice the majority of my makeup routine to make sure I don’t have to run all the way to work. What I will not sacrifice are my eyebrows. Just doing my eyebrows in the morning improves my overall appearance by about 200%. So here are all my favourite brow products and why I love them so much.

You will notice that most of them are gel or pen products (almost like eyeliners). I don’t have a great love for normal eyebrow pencils. I think unless you’re going to splash out on a slightly more expensive one, it’s hard to find one with the right balance between hardness and decent pigmentation. Often I’ve found they are either too hard and produce very little colour when you apply them (which is fine for some whose brows don’t need much, or if you are quite fair-haired – not me) or they have strong enough colour but the pencil is so soft that the product only lasts for about 10 minutes before your eyebrows are running down your face. The products I’ve written about below are in this post because they are so much better than that, and I could not go back to using a cheap pencil or powder after having these in my makeup collection.

NYX Eyebrow Gel – £5.50

SAM_0135  nyx brow gel

NYX Eyebrow Gel is an excellent affordable product for those who want brows that will last. It is one of those products that I loved instantly after using it just once. This is a thick gel, waterproof formula that can be applied to give you as perfected or as natural-looking brows as you desire. I use a small angled liner brush to apply it, starting by filling the gaps at the ‘tail’ end of my brows and working forwards so that what’s left on the brush is used to lightly fill in the front. And you only need the tiniest amount of product, so the 10ml tube will literally last you years. I cannot recommend this product enough for it’s longevity, ease of use and value for money. Plus, it comes in 5 shades, which is a lot more choice than most low-end brow products offer.

Eylure Brow Ink – £8.45

SAM_0036  eylure

This product impressed me for how incredibly quick and easy it made doing my eyebrows in the morning. You have two different sized tips; a larger end which is good for filling big gaps and a finer end which I like to use to draw in little hairs. And yes, I understand that this looks remarkably like a felt tip pen, but honestly when I first used it, it struck me how natural the finished result looked. This comes in 3 shades and also has pretty decent longevity, although I would not say it is waterproof.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour – £13-£16

SAM_0690  stila 02

This is my most recent eyebrow related purchase and, if I’m being honest, I have used nothing else to fill my brows since I bought it. It’s a slightly pricer version of what the Eylure Brow Ink essentially is, but I would absolutely say it is worth the extra (even though I actually bought this in TkMaxx at a reduced price, I would pay full price for it). Firstly, it is totally waterproof. You need a good oil-based makeup remover to get all of it off properly. Rain or sweat, it doesn’t budge. Secondly, I find it even easier to apply than the Eylure ink. The tip is actually a super fine brush made of tiny hairs, so you can literally draw in individual hairs where you want them. So overall, you can achieve an even more natural look if you want to, or you can get absolutely perfect, full brows that don’t look hideously fake. It’s one and only downside is that it only comes in 3 shades, which is not so good considering it’s full retail price (I believe the 2015 Stila Brow pens in the new packaging are £16 each, for some reason).

Maybelline Brow Drama – £4.99


I think this was the first eyebrow mascara I ever bought. I remember seeing it in a number of Pixiwoo videos ages ago and thinking, “Why do my eyebrows need mascara?” Needless to say, I bought one and now I can’t go without it. There are a ton of products like this around nowadays, both low-end and luxury. I personally like this Maybelline one because of it’s unusual brush. It successfully tames and tints my eyebrows without splodging product all over the place, so it’s much easier and quicker to use; you don’t have to be as careful with it, which I like a lot.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper -£5.99


This was the second eyebrow mascara I ever bought, this time at the recommendation of YouTuber Amelia Liana. I prefer the formula of this product to the Maybelline one. It’s called a brow ‘plumper’ because it has little fibres in the formula (much like Benefit’s Gimme Brow) that help thicken up your eyebrows. I also think it holds my eyebrow hairs in place a lot better. However, it is very easy to splodge this all over your perfectly groomed eyebrows. I always have to scrape off a lot of product before I put the stupidly shaped brush anywhere near my eyebrows. Despite this, it’s still an excellent product, you just have to be a lot more careful with it.

Pixi Natural Brow Duo – £15

SAM_4657  Cyprus 2014 (355)

This is a product I don’t actually own anymore (hence the old photo). I used it up months and months ago and have not got around to buying another one yet (probably because of all these other amazing brow products). But I was recently looking through some old holiday photos and thought “Holy moly, my eyebrows look good.” I took this 2-in-1 brow product by Pixi Beauty on holiday to Cyprus with me and it lasted incredibly well in 30 degree weather even though it is essentially a brow crayon and I was oily/sweaty as hell (as I’m sure you can see in the above picture). What’s also great is that it comes with a good brow mascara on the other end, so it was all I needed for my eyebrows while I was away. I may have to get my hands on another one of these!


5 thoughts on “My All-Time Favourite Brow Products

  1. Bridget says:

    Hi Anni I loved this article. Would it be possible to have it emailed please as I’d like to go shopping now for some proper eyebrow magic make up! Thank you for such a brilliant write up. Shared you on my facebook page. Blessings from Bridget x


    • The Woman's Bible says:

      Thank you Bridget, I’m glad you liked it! If you go to the menu at the top right and scroll down you can put your email address in and you will be emailed every time there’s a new post 🙂


  2. Ari says:

    HI darling! GREAT post! can you please tell me which stila brow pen’s colour do you use? dark or medium? i am looking for a cool dark brown with any warm tones whatsoever. I am currently using suqqu moss green, an ashy brown shade, really natural and very similar to the stila’s medium one…. but too ashy for my warmer looks. i hope you answer me, thank you so much 🙂


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