January Favourites 2016

KIKO Soft Touch Blush, shade 111 Classic Rose – £7.50

SAM_0794  SAM_0795

After Christmas, a trip to the shops for the boxing day sales was in order (obviously). I found myself in Kiko, as I often do, and picked up a few nice things at 50% off. This blush really stood out to me. I let out an audible “oooh” when I swatched it in store, even though I was standing there on my own. It has a beautiful colour that is not too much of anything, but I think it is a perfect, natural, warm tone for deeper skin tones. And it has a very subtle highlighter-y effect as it has a hint of shimmer to it. Not only did it look so perfect on, but the colour lasted longer than I have found of any other affordable blush. I came home from work after wearing it for the first time all day (about 10 hours of wear) and I was shocked to discover that it was still there, looking just about as good as it did when I applied it. And what’s even more excellent; I only paid £3.70 for it in the sale (and it is still on sale).

Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer – £3


Recently, I have been losing my patience with my oily eyelids. So often I have spent time perfecting my eyeshadow only for it to crease in the fold of my eyelid and separate with the oils of my skin. Enough was enough. I had a quick look online at Superdrug and Boots, and found that a lot of people suggested going high-end for a good eyeshadow primer, and that most affordable ones they tried just didn’t cut it. Until I came across this Makeup Revolution one in Superdrug. There was only one review for it, but it praised it so highly that I thought I would go for it. It was only £3. I’m so glad I did! This product really is excellent. It feels like water; you just squeeze out a drop onto your finger or a brush and spread it all over the lid. It dries in about 10 seconds and you can apply creams, powders or pigments over the top without any trouble. And yes, it completely stops my eyeshadow creasing throughout the day. I love finding bargains like this!

Lush Let The Good Times Roll Fresh Cleanser – £6.95

SAM_0797  SAM_0799

I got a Lush gift voucher from my lovely boyfriend for Christmas and had trouble choosing what to spend it on (everything in Lush is so pretty and smells so good, ahh), but I eventually chose this fresh cleanser as one of the items I wanted, partly because of the novelty that it has actual pieces of popcorn in it – one of my favourite snack foods. And I love it. It has the consistency of a paste, and you mix it with a few drops of water in your hand and then cleanse your face with it. It’s very exfoliating, and it does have ‘bits’ in it, but I don’t find it too harsh as it sort of melts into the skin. What I love about it is how incredibly soft your skin feels afterwards. It really is a treat.

The Body Shop Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil – £10


Here’s yet another excellent sale purchase; I think I got this for £3.50 with a discount code (and it is still on sale). This is a multi use oil; it can be used as a hair oil, body oil, massage oil and bath oil. After reading endless good reviews on the Body Shop website, I caved and bought it. My hair really loves this stuff. I tease it through my hair after I’ve washed it and towel dried it, so it is still a bit damp. I find that it reduces frizz very well and keeps my curls really bouncy and soft. And it smells gorgeous, which is always a plus.

Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick in Smoky Rose – £7.99

SAM_0805  SAM_0865 edit

This is the only favourite this month that isn’t a recent purchase. In fact, this lipstick was my everyday lipstick when I was about 14 or 15. So it’s old. Revlon do still sell this lipstick, although I haven’t actually gone and compared the one they are currently selling with my old one to check that the colour is exactly the same (sometimes they change the colours after a while). I was rummaging around in my many lipsticks one evening and spotted this. I decided to start wearing it again to see if I still felt the same way as I did about it, and I do. I wear it with my Bellápierre Cinnamon lip liner and I absolutely love the combination. It is such an easy everyday colour to wear. Plus, this lipstick is incredibly moisturising and comfortable to wear, even after 5 years tucked away in a box.


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