March Favourites 2016

Paperchase Saucepans Recipe Book – £10

My first favourite of the month is not beauty related, for once, but it was one of my favourite birthday presents so I think it deserves a mention. This cute recipe book was a gift from my boyfriend and I love it!

SAM_0967  SAM_0968

I intend to keep this forever and gradually fill it with my favourite recipes. I like that it has divided sections for different kinds of meals. The picture below shows the layout; the pages alternate ‘notes’ and ‘recipes’. There’s a cheeky risotto recipe for you too!


B. Pure Micellar Oil – £6.99


I sadly ran out of my wonderful Body Shop Camomile Cleansing oil and needed to replace it. As much as I love the camomile oil, the packaging it comes in is absolutely useless and leaks everywhere, so I thought I would take the opportunity to try something new. This B. Pure Micellar oil is pretty much just as effective as the Body Shop one. It doesn’t smell quite as amazing, but it removes makeup easily and it emulsifies when you add water to it just like the camomile version. Also, this is half the price (and at the moment it’s even less because it’s on offer in Superdrug, yay).

Topshop Highlighter in Horizon – £10

This highlighter. Oh my goodness… (These pictures really do not do it justice).

SAM_0977  SAM_0980

I did a fair bit of splurging this month, and one of my favourite purchases was this beautiful highligher. I do have a couple of small complaints; I don’t like that the compact is white. Foundation-covered fingers make it look a mess. I also don’t know why Topshop wouldn’t put a mirror in it. But these things aside, this was an instant favourite for me. I use it with a fluffy fan brush to dust it on the tops of my cheekbones and it makes me feel fabulous. What else need I say?

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Wild Winterberry


Weirdly, as the spring weather is starting to show itself I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my Winterberry lipstick by Elizabeth Arden. Annoyingly, upon a quick search I can’t seem to find it online to provide a link, and I also cannot remember how much it was (sorry). But I feel like it’s actually a very good all year round kind of colour, if you can get your hands on it somehow. It’s got enough pink in it to be a spring shade, but also obviously looks like winter berries. And it’s a really comfortable formula; matte finish but so soft and moisturising.


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