May Favourites 2016

EX1 Delete Concealer – £9.00

SAM_1041  SAM_1042

With the weather getting better and better every week (apart from this Saturday, when Brighton had a thunderstorm) I have been wanting to wear much less on my skin. A full face of foundation just hasn’t been appealing to me, so instead I’ve started using an old product that I probably haven’t picked up since last summer. The EX1 Delete Concealer is a lovely lightweight, creamy concealer that I blend into the skin in certain areas of my face for a much more weightless base that still has decent coverage. These concealers are particularly good for those whose skin has a more yellow/olive undertone. I’m wearing the shade D200 at the moment but hopefully, if the weather improves, it won’t be long before I’m wearing D300.

Stila Prime Pot Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer in Caramel – £13.00


I found this gem digging around in the beauty section of TkMaxx, so I only paid about £4 for this. Unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere online that sells these anymore. Stila do still sell their ‘Smudge Pots’ which are much the same, only in more interesting eyeshadow shades rather than nude tones. Which is a shame really, because this is a great product; Stila’s answer to the Mac Paint Pots. The shade Caramel is a pretty perfect match for my skin tone, and the primer itself gives a good base to lay powders on top of and makes them last very well. It does set quite fast though, so I apply it with my finger to blend it in a bit easier.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun Cream – £7.49


Sunshine means sun cream, and my favourite is this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun Cream. I love it because it smells gorgeous, and it absorbs really quickly into the skin, so you don’t get that heavy/greasy feeling that a lot of sun creams have. It also really does make the skin silky soft. I would recommend buying it in SPF30 instead of SPF15. This is actually a sample size that I got in an ASOS delivery. When I use it up I will definitely be buying a full size in SPF30.

Lush Latte Lip Tint – £5.95

SAM_1050  SAM_1052

I’ve been using this beautiful Lush Latte Lip Tint on my cheeks for a bit of glowy, refreshing colour to go with my lightweight base. It has a beautiful rose-bronze colour and also highlights the cheeks at the same time. I use a small stippling brush to blend a small amount onto my cheekbones. According to the Lush website, they now sell this in stick form instead. This may mean they have changed the formula or possibly the colour of it too, so I will have to go in and see how it compares. I hope they haven’t changed the formula, because it’s probably my favourite summer cheek product.

NYX Full Throttle Lipsticks in Kiss The Dust & Sandman – £5.50

SAM_1054  SAM_1058

Last, but definitely not least, are the NYX Full Throttle lipsticks. My local Boots just got a NYX stand in store (hooray!) so I obviously had to treat myself. These lipsticks really impressed me. They are long-wearing, matte lipsticks with intense pigmentation and they are super comfortable to wear. I wore the red shade, Sandman, to work recently, and it had absolutely no trouble lasting over 10 hours and through eating and drinking. These are also ‘kissproof’ so they don’t transfer at all. You get all of the perks of a matte liquid lipstick, without any discomfort or dryness. I need more shades!


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