BRAND FOCUS: Soigné Nails

I thought it was about time I gave some love to my favourite nail polish brand. I have featured a couple of these polishes in my nail blog posts before, but my collection has grown quite a lot since then (and is continuing to grow; I have another order on the way). I currently have 16 of these beautiful polishes in my possession, and I really think you should have them too. Just look how pretty they are; like if Jo Malone did nail colours.


Shades names from Top Left to Bottom Right: Crème au Beurre, Limonade Rose, Orge, Praline, Séduisant, Ube, Bleu de Gex, Figue, Cherry Berry, Cerise, Framboise Bleue, Mystérieuse, Pomegranate, Persimmon, Bleuet, L’Encre de Seiche.

Soigné is a French brand of botanical nail colours, the word ‘soigné’ meaning ‘to take care of’, and the idea behind the brand is to create luxury, eco-friendly nail polishes.

Each polish contains:

  • Up to 85% of Plant-sourced, natural ingredients
  • No harmful carcinogens (5 Free formula)
  • No animal testing
  • Vegan friendly

Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-34-44 (3) aw nails (14) Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-35-02 (3) Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-34-54 (3)

These polishes cost £11 each at full price, so they can be considered a luxury brand. It’s worth joining their mailing list because they don’t spam your inbox with daily or even weekly emails. I only get emails when a new collection comes out or if there’s a sale on, which is when I buy my Soigné polishes. Usually at sale price I end up paying only about £5 per nail polish, which definitely makes them worth the money because of how nice these polishes are.

Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-35-10 (3) Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-35-26 (3) Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-35-35 (3) Spring Nails (12)

Even using the palest shades you get almost solid colour in one coat, and some of the darker colours would look fine with only one coat. I usually do two though, and with that you get bold, glossy colour that dries reasonably quickly and lasts well with a topcoat. The colour selection is gorgeous; loads to choose from and they keep adding more colours, and there are also limited edition sets which are currently on sale. If you’re not buying during a sale, Soigné have a 3 for £26 ‘Pick & Mix’ offer on their core range, and free delivery when you spend £20. Not to mention how pretty these look on a dressing table or in an acrylic stand, if you have as many as I do.

Apologies for sounding like I’m trying to sell them to you. I haven’t been asked by Soigné to write this blog post, nor have I been given any products for free. I just genuinely enjoy using these lovely polishes and I think they deserve a wider audience. Now, if you need me I’ll be doing my nails…


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