First Impressions: L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation

This brand new release from L’Oréal got me excited. It’s described as a full coverage, long-wearing foundation with a weightless feel that will cover redness, spots, dark circles and even tattoos for up to 24 hours with no transfer. The matte finish leaves you with an even, shine-free base.


Sounds impressive, so obviously I bought it. Its retail price is £9.99, but there is currently a good deal on at Superdrug: you can get it for £7.99 and it’s included in the L’Oréal 3 for 2 which comes with a free foundation blender, and if you’re a Superdrug member you can get an extra £1 off the price of the foundation! Super affordable.

Here are the comparison pictures. I’m wearing shade 24 Golden Beige:

I applied the foundation with the damp sponge blender which I would not normally use (I prefer brushes), but I actually really like the finish you get with it and I think I probably used less product than I would have if I had used a brush because the foundation has a pretty thick consistency. I needed surprisingly little product to cover my entire face.

It is definitely full coverage, but I still needed a bit of concealer because as you can see, I am spotty at the moment and I also have dry red skin on my nose (I hate winter). As for the finish, it is velvety-matte but incredibly lightweight. After it had settled into my skin a bit it actually felt like skin to the touch, but without the oiliness. My skin looked even and matte, but not flat and not at all cakey.

A few hours after applying it, the oiliness that would normally be starting to show through was only a nice glow that made the foundation look even more like skin.

There are only a couple of negatives so far with this product. Firstly and most annoyingly, this is the second darkest colour in the 6 shade range, and my skin is at its palest (and saddest) at the moment. When I get a tan I probably won’t be able to use any shade of this product, so I’m unimpressed with that. Especially as L’Oréal has such a good range of colours for the True Match foundation. Secondly, I tried out the foundation on my tattoo out of curiosity, and it honestly didn’t do that well. I ended up using a lot more product and the tattoo was still kind of visible. This doesn’t bother me hugely as I won’t be using it to cover tattoos, but that was one of L’Oréal’s claims.

Ultimately, I am really pleased I bought this product. I half expected a foundation similar to the Maybelline Dream Velvet which had good coverage but didn’t last too well on my oily skin, but on first use I think I much prefer the Infallible Total Cover mainly because of how lovely and light it feels. Like it’s not even there. This is totally worth a tenner.


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