About Me


Hello and welcome to my beauty and skincare blog!

I’m Anni. I am a twenty year old make up and skincare lover that thought people might care what I have to say about the products I buy. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but I’m writing about them anyway.

This blog kind of came about because I watched (and still do watch) a lot of beauty and lifestyle YouTubers make a living out of doing what they love – chat about beauty items. When this blog first started, I tried to do as the popular bloggers do and write Monthly Favourites posts featuring (you guessed it) my favourite five or six products from that month. This lasted about a year and a half before I realised that cramming my favourite things into one post doesn’t really let me write about them in as much depth as I’d like, and also leaves me little else to write about in other posts. This is, unfortunately, not my full time job, so I honestly don’t always have the time to write about the things I want.

With that said, I am promising you nothing but detailed, in depth reviews about products that I think actually deserve them… whenever I feel like it.


Instagram: @thewomansbible


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